PVC Key Chain/Luggage Tag

Custom Rubber PVC Keychain / Luggage Tag  Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia

Custom soft rubber PVC keychains are flexible rubber key chains that can be designed any way you like.  Your rubberized PVC key chain will be kept by the people to receive them – they are a unique novelty.

Each rubber PVC keychain can be fully customized and colored per your design. Custom PVC & rubber key chains can be used to promote events, trade shows or conventions, and are a great way to give away a rubber pvc keychain that will serve to advertise your business for years.  Soft rubber PVC key chains are less rigid and more flexible than metal keychains.

Soft PVC as the name suggests are soft, rubbery, molded PVC keyrings. Soft PVC keyrings are the perfect high visibility promotional product. They are made from raised areas of colourful PVC, we can create in layers to create different effects, very colourful and easily cleaned.

Our durable PVC material can withstand the messiest adventures without a problem. Create flexible and vibrant designs with unlimited color options.
You can create any shape and size that echoes your brand voice.

Custom Logo Keychains Made From PVC Can Be 2D or 3D

There are three ways to make custom keychains from PVC. 2D keychains can be made using a single layer. They can also be made with multiple levels and still be 2D. 3D keychains have a sculpted look and have a more rounded look to them. All three methods of making a custom keychain require a mold. Molds are created in any shape or size and allow for as many colors as you can fit into a design. Logo colors have a thin space between them and designs can be one-sided or two-sided.


Why use PVC keychains?

While both metal and rubber keychains are durable, functional, and fun promotional products, custom PVC pieces are softer and often, less expensive to manufacture at wholesale prices. Metal keychains have classic aesthetic, perfect for more professional keychains, whereas PVC pieces are more playful and appropriate for a more extensive breadth of markets.Our PVC keychains are made with your design ideas and we do the rest. Shapes and sizes can all be customized two your specification. We can create on or two-side designs and the chains can be made any size as well. Prices are based on the quantity ordered and the size of your design. Our current special includes a 1.5″ keychain.

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